No Flyers Please

AKIN has just started a new project called No Flyers Please. We're sick of cleaning up flyers that we never use but, that get dumped everyday on our doorsteps. So... we thought we'd get 12 000 static cling vinyl No Flyers flyers designed by our dear Nicole Tarasick and printed by our also dear Casey (both Akin members) at Lithocolor Services. These pieces of thin vinyl and their cardboard backings were themselves headed for the garbage can as they were excess material from another printing job, but Casey managed to salvage them. By the magic of static cling they stick to any flat surface... So we've started putting them in peoples' mailboxes around our city so that people can put them up and avoid having flyers dumped on their doorsteps too. Here are some examples:

Here is the design by Nicole Tarasick that's been printed on all 12 000 of our No Flyers Please clings.
If you like our idea and would like to help you can:

a] click on the image above, print it and put it on your mailbox or front door,

b] get in touch with us and we can send you clings,

even better

c] get in touch with us and help us distribute these No Flyers Flyers around the city.


AKIN Collective