Gallery Rental

Hi hi.

I just wanted to compile some pix from different gallery events to include them in our directory on the right side of your screen under 'The Art Gallery'. So check out these pix (click to enlarge):
p.s. Please see the info at the bottom of this post.


180degree view of our gallery for Robin Schurman's art show.

Photo Chaud with DJ Matt Weed

For projection art see vids @ wheninchrome

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If you're interested...

We rent out our 2000 sq. ft. space for $200 for the night (or $100 for members). We can also take care of picking up any supplies for your event, including liquor license and alcohol, we organize catering, bartend the event, setup and teardown the space, dj, project images or videos,..., basically pretty much everything you need to have a great show.

We'd love to hear ideas for your events and try our best to make things happen for you at AKIN.

Please contact us with any inquiries.