New member Melissa Fisher has new work up as part of the WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND show at XPACE and the reception is this Saturday. 

Here are the details, see you there:
Reception: Saturday, July 9th at 7pm.
XPACE, 58 Ossington Ave, Toronto (North of Queen St. West).
Curated by: Derek Liddington and Jennie Suddick

Artists Involved: Life of a Craphead, Joshua Barndt, Danielle Bessada, Geoffrey Pugen, Jeremy Bailey and Melissa Fisher

Melissa Fisher:
The stories behind the materials and objects Melissa Fisher uses in her installations will never be known to most of the people who view them. Such as, the group of pointed two by fours which were off-cuts from the floor built in XPACE for Life of a Craphead‘s movie set, and the dryer sheet embedded with kleenex taken from her grandparent’s laundry. Creating objects and environments that illustrate autobiographical happenings through personally significant materials can not be fully translated to the viewer by simply looking. A stack of mauve plastic cups may not necessarily convey their origin (taken from a dentist’s office during Fisher’s first visit in six years). However, the aesthetic ploys of colour, shape, pattern and polished assembly of the installation’s elements draw the viewer to it, like a personality, and regardless of whether the sporadic narratives are understood, some sort of engagement occurs. This engagement also roots itself in the nature of display windows, used to generate interest from the street and lure people inside, or simply facilitate window shopping. Naturally drawn to irregular exhibition spaces that expose art to a wide array of people, What Goes Around Comes Around serves as an excellent platform for the artist herself to be exposed to other artists’ processes of making. Rather than physically reacting to the space that each phase poses, Fisher will just be around, taking it in. Simultaneously integrating herself into the communal qualities of this exhibition and segregating herself by focusing on the durational installation of lately I’ve been wondering if you feel it too.