VSVSVS Summer Residency Program

Open Call: Summer Residency Program 2015

We are quintuply pleased to re-announce the VSVSVS Summer Residency program for its fifth summer!
Our annual residency program will be held at the VSVSVS warehouse over the summer of 2015. We will work with the selected artist(s) to determine exact dates for the residency within the months of August and September. We are looking specifically for dedicated artists to produce some cool shit while making a valuable contribution to our collective environment. The residency is intended for experimentation, research, and production and favours an open-endedness in approach.

The residency is offered to any practicing artist(s) in any media from anywhere in Canada  outside of Toronto (groups or collectives are also considered). The length of the residency is negotiable ranging anywhere from one week to two months, depending on the wants and needs of the artist(s). The artist's stay will culminate in a show or event (or workshop, or screening, or performance, or whateva...) at the VSVSVS Gallery. The residency provides 24 hour access to the 14 ft. x 20 ft VSVSVS Gallery which will serve as studio space and the exhibition space, as well as access to the fully equipped woodshop and our developing 3d imaging and printing suite. It is mandatory that the artist utilize the space: you gotta be there or we will be sad and miss you.   Studio visits with other local artists, curators and VSVSVS members are strongly encouraged (we love an open dialogue). We are pleased to be able to offer exhibition and travel assistance as well as accommodations (if you can handle living with all of us) at the VSVSVS warehouse. Guess what else? We are paying artist fees and transportation.
VSVSVS will help with promotion and documentation of the residency program and the subsequent exhibition/event, etc. We are super excited to facilitate selected artist(s) with any pursuit/event coordination/writing/exploration.
Project proposals do not have to include a specific end-point. Actually, we think it's important that the experience of being here can help guide the work, so some open-ended-ness is encouraged.    
If you’re interested, send us some stuff!
For almost the exact same information on our website go HERE.
For past residents go HERE, HEREHEREHEREHEREand HERE.
MOST IMPORTANT: We are able to pay travel expenses and artist fees! There is also living accommodations provided.

Submission packages:
Suggested format for submission packages is one PDF* containing:
• A short introduction outlining the individual’s past artistic experience, a brief proposal for the residency, and any other relevant information. This part of the submission should be no more than 500 words..
• A curriculum vitae. No more than 3 pages
• Images of past work (JPG, 1024x768 pixels, 72 dpi)
• Videos can be provided as links
• OPTIONAL: A link to something awesome
• All files should be MAC and PC compatible.
*For those unfamiliar with PDFs, you can use Google Docs, Microsoft Word, or Open Office and export as a PDF.

DEADLINEMay 17/2015
We look forward to hearing from you.
We only accept submissions via email.
Please send submission packages to residency@vsvsvs.org
VSVSVS would like to acknowledge the generous support of The City of Toronto through The Toronto Arts Council