FORGE Workshop: Grant Writing 101 with the Ontario Arts Council


FORGE: Grant Writing 101 with the Ontario Arts Council 

September 2, 6:30pm
Ontario Arts Council- 151 Bloor Street West5th Floor Toronto, ON


Writing grants is a significant part of many artist's careers- so let's how to do it properly! This interactive workshop will explore the process of planning, writing and submitting grant proposals to different governing bodies

As a major funder themselves, the Ontario Arts Council provide clear examples of the grant writing process and the various the dos and don'ts of everything from creating your budget to organizing your support material and work plan.

Afterwards, participants will form a 'mock jury' and look at real examples of successful (and unsuccessful) grant applications. Join us and learn how to get grants from the people that give them at their own office!


Janice Lambrakos is Information Services Coordinator with the Ontario Arts Council.
Janice Lambrakos takes pride in having worked for the Ontario Arts Council for the past 25 years. She has provided administrative support in a number of program offices, including Community Arts, Film, Photography and Video (now Media Arts), and Literature, giving her an in-depth knowledge of many of the OAC’s granting programs. In 2000 Janice was promoted to Information Services Coordinator within OAC’s Outreach and Development section. This role has taken her to communities throughout Ontario, where she conducts information and grant application-writing sessions with individual artists. She also maintains relationships with other funders and business enterprise centres. Janice very much enjoys helping artists and arts organizations access OAC programs to support their activities. She is also a member of the OAC’s Disability Arts Committee.