You have to lock that up

good day!

Big day today in the life of the collective, the space has been emptied of all personal belongings, and we are now in full swing of having things ready for this Saturday. We rented a good ol UHAUL and took care of everything, the fridge we bought about a month ago is now present, as are the dividers we picked up. We will be putting new fabric on the dividers even though the pink floral is quite lovely, and we are also throwing around the idea of having a tap on the fridge, so we can serve nice cool drafts at the gallery events. The fridge is rather nice, I believe its from the 50's. Check out these pics: (from blackberry, sorry for the poor quality):

We also locked down our Liquor License for the event on November 1, so we will be serving some tasty drinks, along with some yummy catering that our friend Shelby is taking care of. The wine is coming from REIF Estates in Niagara-on-the-Lake. There was an interesting trip made there a few weeks ago to check it out, and we then had a tasting last week from a lovely lady named Carol. Needless to say, the wine is succulent.

Everything is coming together, and everyone involved seems to be really quite excited. Cant wait for Nivember!

Oh, and if all of the above wasnt enough for your brain to handle, check this little beaut out:

MD and OP